iPhone apps we crave

Giles Turnbull
G. Turnbull|07.18.08

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iPhone apps we crave
Well, Merlin, you did ask.

Having listed some imaginary iPhone apps he'd like to see, Merlin Mann asked the world: "What's the iPhone app you crave?" Hmm, let me see now - I've got a little list.

  • Avant Go: A fantastic portable newsagent, in which you could download whole chunks of your favourite magazine and newspaper web sites for offline reading. I used to read dozens of articles in Avant Go on my train commutes in and out of London, back in the days when I commuted. It was an absolutely essential app and I'm very much looking forward to it - or something similar - arriving on iPhone.
  • Yojimbo or Notational Velocity for iPhone: See yesterday's rant. If this, or something like this, isn't right round the corner, I shall eat my router.
  • TextMate or Bean: This is dependent on Apple opening up Bluetooth to other devices in a future software update. If I could use a full-size external keyboard to quickly write text, I'd want a decent editor to write it in.
What iPhone apps are you craving? Let us know in the comments.Tenori-on: The demos I've seen of BeatMaker are certainly impressive, but I want to have a simpler musical toy. I've lusted after a proper Tenori-on for ages, but £600 is a lot to spend. I'm really hoping someone makes something like this for iPhone.

A vocal loop pedal
: I enjoy singing. It would be great to have a virtual FX loop pedal built into my iPhone, so I could sing vocal refrains into it and have them instantly looped over one another.

How about you lot? Got some dream iPhone or iPod Touch apps that you'd like to see?
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