Not-in-the-notes for AoC's 17th July patch: invisible hotfix edition

William Dobson
W. Dobson|07.18.08

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Not-in-the-notes for AoC's 17th July patch: invisible hotfix edition
Yesterday's Age of Conan patch was one of the better ones we've seen in recent times, but it did bring back an old tradition: a longish list of changes that were not mentioned in the official patch notes. However, rather than this list being full of stealth nerfs, it just looks like a lot of things broke in the latest update. Some of the bigger concerns have been: the abusing of combos now that you can cancel them out and still do damage (leading to no cooldowns on stuns, knockbacks, etc.); and players sometimes becoming invisible to others.

Thankfully, Funcom has been on the ball with these two larger issues and have issued a hotfix to the live servers. This is all that the hotfix purports to do though, so read through the undocumented patch changes list on the forums to see what else was introduced. There's at least one good thing on the list, too -- specific crafting merchants can now be found in guild cities.
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