Cyber Figure Alice gives randy geeks something do to with their cybersticks

Cyber Figure Alice

We're not going to make any judgments regarding the hentai-tastic Cyber Figure Alice, but let's just say this product is of questionable purpose. Geisha Tokyo Entertainment Inc. calls this little gadget a good example of augmented reality, the coming-together of virtual and real objects. In essence, Dennou Figure ARis comes with two "cybercubes" and two "cybersticks." Using a webcam, the software projects Alice on the cybercubes. You can then, uh, manipulate her using the cybersticks, undress her, touch her, change her clothes, and, well, we'll leave the rest up to you, you naughty little thing, you. Look for her this fall in the dark underworld of your import shop if you must.

[Via CrunchGear]