Engadget logo makes top 10 in crazed man's tattoo contest

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.21.08

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We've had our fair share of laughs from Zune Guy's obsession with inking his body with permanent reminders of just how infatuated he is with Redmond's PMP, but we must say, it's a bit weirder to see someone coming ever closer to doing the same with our logo. Apparently one Egor Lavrov has established a tattoo contest in which he accepts donations as votes for logos, and after the polls close, he has agreed to give 25% of the money raised to charity and 25% to the person who submitted the winning tattoo idea. Oh, and he's going to get the most highly ranked image inked on his arm. We'd be dubious about paying to cast a vote (read: we'd refrain entirely), but what's up with our model being on steroids, anyway?
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