iKanji release due Thursday

Giles Turnbull
G. Turnbull|07.22.08

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iKanji release due Thursday
iKanji version 1.0 release soonIndie developer Rory Prior expects to release version 1.0 of his iKanji application this coming Thursday, he announced today.

iKanji is a tool for anyone learning Japanese, and combines meaning, reading and writing training and tests. Over 2,000 Kanji characters and 20,000 example words are included. This is an app for advanced learners who already have a grasp of the hiragana and katakana characters (which are covered in Rory's existing iKana app).

Until release, iKanji is still in beta and Rory is still accepting beta testers, with priority given to students. If you're interested, let him know sharpish. Pre-orders are also being taken, and they qualify for a 10% discount on the standard price of €20 (about $30).

Rory also makes photo gallery maker InstantGallery, and news reader NewsLife.
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