DCUO ramps up for Comic-Con and additional gameplay details

Matt Warner
M. Warner|07.24.08

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DCUO ramps up for Comic-Con and additional gameplay details

If you are a casual or even the most dedicated DC Comics aficionado the news surrounding DC Universe Online, a MMOG that brings the iconic property and thousands of beloved super heroes, villains, and settings to virtual life is spine-tingling. If you can't wait to play, Comic-Con is the place to see DCUO in action. Players will encounter a special scenario with super villain Brainiac which will be playable on both the PS3 and PC platforms. This event held in San Diego, California is where the comic world, games, and 125,000 geeks will collide together for four days running through July 24-27th. Unfortunately, the event is sold out, but there's the SOE block-party you can hit up. If you can't attend either, new details surrounding DCUO already started trickling out at E3-2008.

Gaming website, Crispy Gamer was able to expose a few additional DCUO details in there top-five DCUO must know list. We've already covered a few things on their list in our own exclusive DCUO coverage. Heroes and Villains don't get along, so don't expect to be paired together in the same guilds. Speaking of guilds, how about being part of the Justice League of America as a reserve member with the chance to rise in rank? Hell yea, and whatever you pick between crime-fighter or criminal, your actions will matter as special DC characters like Batman and the Green Lantern take notice. As for your own super power abilities, you can either use a power set of an already existing DC character or create your own ability combinations. But to use them on other players it'll be consensual or on PvP servers. Also, be sure to check out some new DCUO screen grabs.

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