Three new MGS4 t-shirts available at Konami Style Japan

Jem Alexander
J. Alexander|07.23.08

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Three new MGS4 t-shirts available at Konami Style Japan
With 100% of the PS3 Fanboy E3 team donning multiple UNIQLO Metal Gear Solid 4 tees during E3 week, it's clear that they're popular purchases (or that we really are fanboys). Konami Style in Japan has decided to take advantage of this by releasing their own set of MGS4 related t-shirts. These shirts are to commemorate the worldwide tour that Kojima and company engaged in to publicise the new game.

The t-shirt on the left is a replica of those worn by the production crew during the tour, including the list of destinations on the back. For $40, you have to be pretty a pretty big fan of the game to grab one. But we know our commenters. We can almost hear you opening your wallet and tapping in your credit card details right now.

Are we tempted? Of course we are. All that's missing to make this a done deal are the words "limited edition."

[Thanks Kristopher; Via Wired]
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