Mojave Experiment goes live, doesn't fail to annoy

Updated ·1 min read

Alright, as much as we prefer blind conjecture, we've seen it for ourselves now and Microsoft's "Mojave Experiment" is pretty much everything we expected it to be. To Microsoft's credit, they've managed to get the nicest collection of statements ever made about Windows Vista condensed into cute little candid sound bytes from that really honest person next door. It's just too bad they had to use base trickery to do it. Oh, and in case you're into trumped up numbers: average rating of Windows Vista was 4.5, average rating of Mojave was 8.5. What are you trying to say, Microsoft? That people heard really bad things from their friends and co-workers, but a slick 10 minute sales presentation showed them the light?

Update: We're hearing you guys loud and clear in comments. We'll admit, we hate senseless Microsoft / Vista bashing just as much as the next guy, and that's not what this is about. The problem here is Microsoft basically filmed itself an infomercial (or "pulled a Pizza Hut," as pointed out in comments) and is passing it off as some interesting experiment into FUD. If these users had been sent home for a week or so with a Vista machine -- or better yet, a copy of Vista to install themselves -- that'd be a whole different story, but they weren't. There was no scientific method in play, no control experiment, nothing. They were shown a 10 minute demo. That's it.

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