Fantasy Flight releases World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game

As WoW's main page notes, World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game has been released by Fantasy Flight games. They're also the makers of the Warcraft board game, but apparently they decided there was more of the experience to translate into boardgame form. This boardgame has you controlling just one character, not a full army, and navigating through the Eastern Continent, hacking and slashing (against both enemies and other players -- PvP was given a focus in this one) and leveling up all the way. There are currently four classes that come with the game: Warrior, Hunter, Mage and Warlock (no healers?), and we'd expect that more will be on the way in future expansions.

Early reviews at BoardGameGeek (am I showing my nerdiness by saying that I frequent BoardGameGeek to read about some of my favorite boardgames?) have it at about 7/10, which isn't bad. But just like all of these licensed boardgames, just because you're a fan of WoW doesn't necessarily mean you'll be able to jump right in and have just as much fun with rolling dice and playing cards.

The new game will set you back a retail price of $39.95 (cheaper if you hunt around), and is available now.