Epic Games looks to comics for building new IP

When in doubt, create comics. According to Epic Games president Mike Capps creating comics is a potential solution to future IP success. Apparently not content simply pushing out Unreal Engine 3 tech and becoming a shooter factory, Capps discussed the power to generate new IPs through the low cost medium and revealed Epic Games is keeping an eye on the industry.

Keynoting the Casual Connect conference in Seattle early last week Capps, one of the quieter figures at Epic Games, discussed how Epic Games may have "lost some of our nimbleness" as a studio focused on the hardcore side of the games industry that is locked in an "arms race" searching for graphically overpowering software while smaller independent studios have more freedom to create innovative and creative entertainment while still turning a profit. Capps related this feeling as one of the core reasons the studio purchased Chair Entertainment, the studio behind the XBLA title Undertow, an acquisition they feel can help them create more casual gaming experiences.

While Capps did not say Epic would be looking to comics specifically to create IPs that would later be generated into games, one could only assume that would be the final hurdle going forward.