CCP Games releases faction overview for EVE Online

James Egan
J. Egan|08.03.08

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CCP Games releases faction overview for EVE Online

For participants in EVE Online's factional warfare in the Empyrean Age expansion, it's common knowledge that there are four races embroiled in conflict. However, CCP Games has decided to add some more variety to the roles that EVE players can assume. To that end, EVE dev Matthew Woodward (aka CCP Greyscale) created a political overview for those who wish to immerse themselves a bit more in the backstory, or for those who wish to assume roles in the factional struggle beyond what is currently known about the key races in EVE's setting of New Eden.

The cruel yet devoutly religious Amarr bring worlds and systems under their heel to 'save them from themselves.' They're opposed by the fractious Minmatar, a group of tribes resisting Amarr tyranny -- many of whom are chemically enslaved by a tailored virus and regular fixes of its narcotic treatment, ensuring their continued servitude to the Amarr.

The mega-corporation dominated Caldari race seems to be facing its final days as a State, as they have been thrown into a final conflict with the formerly peace-loving Gallente, who are now willing to do whatever is necessary to ensure their continued existence as a Federation.

EVE's players, the capsuleer elite pilots of New Eden, can join militias affiliated with whichever race they choose. The Amarr and Caldari are loosely allied with one another, while the political interests of the Minmatar and Gallente are also aligned in a power bloc.

This creates a galaxy divided, but the backstory isn't quite as cut-and-dried as that. At least not anymore. CCP's new political overview expands upon this established background, picking up from where the Empyrean Age began. CCP Wrangler says this of the new guide:

"This guide is an out of character document designed to give you an understanding of the political situation, to help you define your characters' personal and political stance in relation to various groups within the Empires. This document offers a solid foundation to build your characters' stories and will help both new and experienced players."

If you're the type of EVE player who really wants to take advantage of all the setting can offer in terms of roleplay and fiction, this newly-released guide is a must-read. It's 17 pages of in-depth background on the factions, sub-societies, and allegiances pledged to their respective causes as New Eden burns around them.
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