Burnout Paradise Bikes DLC to add 15 hours of playtime

alan tsang
a. tsang|08.04.08

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alan tsang
August 4th, 2008
Burnout Paradise Bikes DLC to add 15 hours of playtime

The next free DLC involving motorcycles for Burnout Paradise formerly known as Davis has been aptly renamed Burnout Bikes. MTV Multiplayer had a chance to try out the update and has the following details to share with us:
  • Unlike cars who smash into bits during crashes, motorcycles are basically indestructible. However, when the driver flies off a bike, the driver will disappear on impact. This allows the game to maintain a Teen rating with the ESRB.
  • You can choose the gender of your rider.
  • You can perform wheelies, and it is "measured for duration in real-time just like drifting is for the game's cars."
  • A motorcycle-license career path will be added.
  • The new content will add about 15 hours of playtime.
  • A day-night cycle and weather will be introduced.
  • Motorcycle vs. car not in this expansion, but planned for the future
  • No specific release date has been announced, but it should be "in the next couple of months."

[Thanks, Monik!]

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