Hell hath no Fury, neither does anyone else now

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Alexander Sliwinski
August 5th, 2008
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Hell hath no Fury, neither does anyone else now

Auran's reportedly $13.2 million PvP-based MMO disaster Fury will shut down within the next 48 hours. The official Fury forums announced those handling the game could not find a way to keep the servers running, so both the game servers and Fury forums will shut down imminently.

We're not exactly sure who was running Fury, as developer Auran shut down late last year after the game failed to catch on. Obviously, we know this comes as a shock to the handful out there still playing Fury, but there's whole worlds of MMO titles out there to explore. We know it's hard, but it's best to accept it and move on.

[Via Massively]
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