Sony BRAVIA RHT G500 Home Theater TV Stand

Need a home theater upgrade from your TV's audio but don't feel the need to have any of those messy things like speakers laying around? Sony's announced its own HTIB / TV stand, the RHT-G500, a 3.1 channel sound system with three HDMI 1.3 inputs, BRAVIA Sync connectivity and a Digital Media Port for additional access to iPods, WiFi etc. With S-Force PRO Front surround technology (apparently they're not bothering to fake 5.1 without rear channels anymore) Sony Europe didn't see the need to include any further specs or pricing info, though it should fit and BRAVIA LCD from 32 - 40-inches with no problem, unless you consider the lingering feeling you probably would have been better off with a midrange HTIB system a "problem".

[Via Slash Gear]