Rogers' Q3 lineup revealed?

Dealer documentation seemingly intended for Rogers dealers has, of course, leaked out onto the interwebs, possibly revealing the entirety of the carrier's third quarter offerings. With the exception of the Bold and KickStart / Pearl 8220, there's nothing terribly mind-blowing in the mix, though the lineup does include a pretty healthy range of goodies from the low end to the reasonably high. Highlights include the Sony Ericsson W350a music flip, a phone we've already seen meandering about in AT&T livery, so it comes as little surprise that we'd see it up north as well; the iPAQ 910c Windows Mobile smartphone from HP; and a refreshed RAZR 2 that'll probably mirror the V9x. All of these chewy technological morsels launch (in theory, anyway) by the end of September, which really only serves to makes us wonder: what's on tap up there for the holiday season?