All of Dishwasher's crazy modes and 3 player co-op

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|08.11.08

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All of Dishwasher's crazy modes and 3 player co-op
Mr. James Silva updated his The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai developer blog a bit ago (yeah, it has been a week, sue us!) and has revealed all the game modes that are going to be included in the game. Confirmed for inclusion in Dishwasher are game modes Dish Challenge (a wave after wave, kill, kill, kill type mode), Story Mode and Arcade. And Arcade is rather interesting, featuring various challenges comprised of different modes including Insta Kill, Vampire and the slow motion Bullet Time. Make your way over to the dev blog to read all the game mode details.

Also, for whatever reason, we didn't actually acknowledge the fact that The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai is confirmed to sport three player online story mode co-op! Huzzah! That's like, one more player than we expected. Thanks for that Silva.
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