Celebrating 10 years of EverQuest customer service volunteers

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SOE and the EverQuest II community are celebrating the ten year anniversary of EverQuest's Guide program. Guides are folks who volunteer to provide customer support to players, as well as host in-game events. Rremember back in the day when Qeynos Hills was invaded by skeletons, and all the newbies died before higher levels came in from the Karanas to save the day? That event was the work of Guides!

An article over at EverQuest II Players heralds the celebration with memories from both a former and a current Guide Liaison, as well as a story by well-known Elder Guide Ozymandias honoring all the folks who have served the community over the years. The story is written like an historical lore entry. It contains a few references to legendary names that should be familiar to EverQuest veterans.

Volunteer guides are a very old tradition in MMOs. Of course there were the Wizards of the MUD era. But after that, both Meridian 59 and Ultima Online made use of volunteer customer service and event folks too.
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