Lionhead explains gold transfer process from Pub Games to Fable 2

Dustin Burg
D. Burg|08.12.08

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Lionhead explains gold transfer process from Pub Games to Fable 2
Curious to know exactly how all your gold gambling that begins this Wednesday, with the release of the Fable 2 Pub Games will reward your hero when Fable 2 releases? Good! Because Lionhead explained the entire process to Eurogamer and your inquisitive nature also shows us your commitment to both knowledge and the gambling craft. Okay, here's the Pub Games gold explanation:

When playing the Pub Games, you first choose a gambler. Proceed to gamble your heart out. Then, when you buy Fable 2 come October, create a hero and wander about until you find a "Gamemaster" at a local tavern or out and about. Accept the Gamemaster's invite to play a game where you'll then be given the chance to merge your Fable 2 hero with your Pub Games gambler. POOF! Your hero will now have access to the gold your Pub Games' gambler accrued. You can even merge many gamblers (and their bank accounts) together into one gambler which can be merged with your Fable 2 hero. But be warned. Once a hero and a gambler have merged, there is no undo option or any going back. Commitment, nice!
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