MadWorld, indeed: the backlash begins

Chris Greenhough
C. Greenhough|08.12.08

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MadWorld, indeed: the backlash begins

Britain's most hysterical newspaper and preferred litter tray liner the Daily Mail has caught wind of MadWorld -- and it wants us to know all about it. For our children's safety. THINK OF THE CHILDREN.

In a piece entitled "Parents horrified as most violent video game ever to launch on 'family friendly' Wii," the newspaper illogically huffs and puffs about the forthcoming Platinum Games project, which it claims has "shocked anti-violence pressure groups." Near the top of the article, the Mail quotes a spokesperson from MediaWatch-UK, while a retort from Nintendo is relegated to the very bottom of the article. Little has changed from the Mail's previous coverage of videogames, with the familiar, outraged tone and Luddite views present throughout. The paper also ignores the imminent release of Manhunt 2, and conveniently forgets that MadWorld will almost certainly be granted an "18" certificate.

Most absurdly of all, the Mail suggests that MadWorld will "dramatically transform Wii's image," as though the game is likely to sell in the tens of millions. Seriously, if the Wii is synonymous with MadWorld (and not Wii Sports) two years from now, we'll eat the hat of everybody reading this.

[Via MCV]

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