The Elves of WAR: Disciple of Khaine levels 6-10

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|08.17.08

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The Elves of WAR: Disciple of Khaine levels 6-10

Levels six through ten for the Disciple of Khaine see you receiving not only your first morale ability (hint: it's a big heal) but also your first revive spell at level ten. The especially nice thing about the Dark Elf healer's revive spell is that it costs no Action Points (AP) to use and it builds 20 Soul Essence (SE) on top of that, too. The only drawback is that it's got a six second casting time, which doesn't make it the most immediate revive in the heat of battle. Another first for these levels is a very nice de-taunting spell that's definitely handy to have for later Public Quests.

However, one of the coolest spells you'll get this time around is Flay. This lovely little ability is a great follow-up to the Lacerate spell you get at level five, because it does even more nasty stuff to your target if it's in a Crippled state. You'll want to whack an enemy with Lacerate, then hit them up with Flay so that their run speed is reduced by almost half. This will let your allies swarm the target uninhibited. It's incredibly useful in RvR scenarios.

  • Level 6 - Consume Essence
    30 AP 5ft range
    Instant cast, no cooldown
    Builds 30 SE
    A quick strike which deals 10dmg. Khaine's approval of your actions causes your defensive target and all allies within 10ft to become healed for 50% of the dmg that you dealt.
  • Level 7 - Terrifying Vision
    20 AP 100ft range
    Instant cast, 15s cooldown
    Builds 20 SE
    Your enemy is distracted by malevolent spirits, making them hate you less and causing them to deal 50% less dmg against you for 15s. You will stop attacking when you use this ability, and the effect will fade if you attack someone that you have detaunted.
  • Level 8 - Rend Soul
    No cost 5ft range
    Instant cast, 8s cooldown
    Requires 25 SE per second
    You repeatedly assault an enemy, shredding their soul energy and twisting it to your own purposes. You strike the target up to four times over 3s, dealing 10dmg per hit. Each hit heals your defensive target for 250% of the dmg that was dealt. This effect will end if you break your concentration, or run out of SE.
  • Level 8 - Divine Favor
    Rank 1 Morale 150ft range
    Instant cast, 60s cooldown
    A strong heal that will restore 240 health to your target.
  • Level 9 - Flay
    30 AP 5ft range
    Instant cast, 10s cooldown
    Builds 30 SE
    You flay your target for 25dmg. If target is Crippled, they are further Crippled as they become snared, reducing their run speed by 40% for 6s.
  • Level 10 - Stand, Coward!
    No cost 100ft range
    6s cast, 3s cooldown
    Builds 20 SE (only usable on other players)
    Life is restored to a dead ally, and 20% of their health is recovered in the hopes they will prove less worthless to you in the future.

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