Forum post of the day: Born with a plastic spoon

Amanda Dean
A. Dean|08.18.08

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Forum post of the day: Born with a plastic spoon

Aside from players that are bitter because they missed out on Recruit-a-Friend benefits, is there anything wrong with this program. Kuahs of Kil'jaeden has encountered problems with raising enough cash to keep up with gear and ability upgrades. He has a level 70 character, but rerolled with his recruit on another server. He can't simply send money down from his main, and is sitting at level twenty-two with level twelve abilities.

Many posters suggested sending down money from a main character, which isn't so helpful on a new server. Others made the usual suggestion of gathering skills for sale on the auction house. While this is a good suggestion, mining and herbalism will suffer the same problem of being outpaced by leveling. There is always the option of begging for gold in major cities, though I personally don't recommend this method.

My other concern is that the massive bonus to experience points will be detrimental to new players actually getting WoW experience. Not only are they leveling at a blisteringly rapid pace, but they also are also always joined by someone with more WoW time under their belts so that they don't have to learn how to get themselves out of sticky situations. Then again, the pattern that I've noticed is that recruits are infrequently new players. Most of the people recruits I know are actually secondary accounts by veteran players or folks looking for a good time to come back to the game.

In most cases, folks will roll on their main servers with this new system, which eliminates the problem. I'm afraid the RAF bonus will encourage gold buying in the end. What suggestions do you have for folks outpacing their gold production with their experience?

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