The Elves of WAR: Disciple of Khaine levels 11-15

Kyle Horner
K. Horner|08.18.08

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The Elves of WAR: Disciple of Khaine levels 11-15

Levels 11 through 15 for the Disciple of Khaine --much like the other classes -- give you your three first Career Tactics. These passive abilities allow you to slightly alter the way your class functions in combat. However, at this level you're only allowed to slot one Career Tactic at a time. One of these first Tactics increases your survivability by improving the effect heals have on you by 10% -- it's shared between the other Dark Elf classes, too. However, the other two Tactics are aimed at increasing your damage output in two very different ways. Divine Fury boosts your overall damage by 25% at the cost of reducing your healing effectiveness by 20% and Khaine's Blessing bumps up your auto-attack speed by 50% every time you land a critical hit.

Your rank 2 Morale is much more interesting, though. It hits every enemy around you for 80dmg and then heals your entire group for the total amount of damage dealt. Having no range, you only need to make sure you've got a nice bulk of targets in the near vicinity. Combined with the Divine Fury tactic, you can actually heal a bit more than normal with this particular attack, too.

While there aren't a lot of new abilities here, the tactics -- which are really easily interchanged between fights -- add a new layer of subtly to the combat, just like the Morale abilities did in the last five levels. By the time you hit level 15, the enemy won't quite know what attacks to expect from you until you fire off a few abilities. Such a benefit of surprise, even though minor, is a nice edge to have.

  • Level 11 - Dark Blessings
    Career Tactic, passive
    Heals directed at you will recover 10% more health
  • Level 12 - Essence Lash
    50 AP no range
    Instant cast, 10s cooldown
    Builds 50 SE
    You lash out at all opponents in fornt of you up to 40ft away, dealing 30dmg.
  • Level 12 - Rampaging Siphon
    Rank 2 Morale, no range
    Instant cast, 60s cooldown
    Deals 80dmg to all enemies within 30ft, and heals your entire group for the full amount of the damage dealt.
  • Level 13 - Divine Fury
    Career Tactic, passive
    You deal 25% more dmg, but all of your healing becomes 20% less effective.
  • Level 14 - Covenant of Vitality
    No cost, no range
    Instant cast, 10s cooldown
    Only one Covenant may be active at a time
    Any time someone in your group damages an enemy, they have a 20% chance to deal an additional 0 Spirit dmg to their victim, and heal themselves for an equal amount.
  • Level 15 - Khaine's Blessing
    Career Tactic, passive
    Any time you critically hit an enemy, your autoattack speed is increased by 50% for 10s.

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