Intel teases with a new tablet at IDF, shows off the best of the rest

Apparently Intel is on a bit of a roll already at this year's IDF. After showcasing and talking up a number of new products, including (but not limited to) the lap-destroying mobile Quad Core Extreme CPUs (as featured in Lenovo's vicious W700), new switchable graphics solutions that allow on-the-fly toggling between integrated and discrete graphics, and even more talk about forthcoming WiMAX options. What really got everyone's eye, however, was a slide they teased with at the end of Mobility Group VP / GM Dadi Perlmutter's presentation of a mystery touchscreen tablet with the ominous question "What is this?" and a promise to reveal the goods tomorrow morning. Call us dangerously psychotic, but it looks like a clunky medical accessory to us. Paging Dr. Design to Intel's R&D lab, STAT.