Ask Engadget HD: What's the best "bedroom" HDTV?

Darren Murph
D. Murph|08.20.08

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Ask Engadget HD: What's the best "bedroom" HDTV?

Let's say you're adequately satisfied with your living room HDTV. Can you say the same about the set in your bedroom / office / guest room / etc.? Gregory can't, just check this out:

"The HDTV in my den is great, but I just can't decide on a 20- to 26-inch HDTV for my bedroom. 720p is probably good enough in a set of this size, but I'm having a hard time finding which set looks the best and offers the best value. Can I get some advice from those who have made this decision already?"

Let us speak for the readers when we say "Yes, yes you can get some advice." (Don't make us out to be liars... please?)

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