Guildwatch: Hanging out with Illy D

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|08.20.08

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Guildwatch: Hanging out with Illy D

Dark Haven on Baelgun actually killed our buddy Illy D this week, but we liked this picture on their website better. Yes, they're coming for you, Defiler.

This week's Guildwatch is chock full, as always, of drama, downed, and recruiting news from around the realms. If you've got some to share with us, about your guild or anyone else's, feel free to send it along to Click the link below to see what's going on this week in guild news.

  • During a Sunwell Trash run, apparently Elimine from Beyond Evil nabbed an epic that dropped -- one of the non-guildies in the run won it, but Elimine grabbed it and ran away anyway. Right out of the guild, actually, as the raid leader said he was just as shocked as anyone else. We're told Elimine pulled a namechange to Tethys, which to us basically just shows they know what they did. There are always more epics out there, people -- better to grats the guy who won the roll and move on than to nab the loot and make trouble for everybody.
  • Ubiquity on EU Blade's Edge had some great plans to lead the way through 25 man raiding... until the GL Fanian emptied the guild bank and rerolled elsewhere. Luckily the guildies weren't too fazed by all of this -- they've reformed as the Praetorians and plan to continue their progress without the loser who took their stuff.
  • Casualties of Aggro, who we reported on last week, have apparently become Casualties of Guildwatch -- despite someone from the guild telling us the issue is over and dead, another tipster tells us they've since disbanded after all the drama. Hopefully it's for the better for everybody -- if your guild isn't strong enough to look at something posted here and laugh about it, maybe you should be in another guild.
  • You know what a good idea might be? Calling out other guilds on your server and telling them (as if it's your business) why they aren't progressing. That's exactly the idea that Vadar on Laughing Skull had, and look how great it worked out for him. Even if everything he said is true (and we doubt it), who cares what he thinks anyway? Way to troll.
  • This isn't guild drama, but it is funny, so we're putting it here anyway. Mesamo on Cenarion Circle, at the time a 46 Druid, got super lucky, stealthed into the middle of the ring during the Stranglethorn Arena event, and by some miracle, actually grabbed the chest for himself. Apparently that made some 70s unhappy though, and they sent him angry tells claiming that he stole the chest from them. Even after he apologized (which, trust us, buddy, you didn't have to do), they kept on whining to him. Here are the rules, people: first to open the chest wins. Dude won, fair and square, and anyone who gives him trouble about it should have done something besides sit on their butts and watch him loot.
  • PKPKGankYouNow drama continues on Dalvengyr -- we reported what happened a little while ago, but they're still laughing about it over there. What's not so funny is that some idiots are stealing PKPK's raid IDs, apparently, and messing about with them. That's punishable by Blizzard now -- it's all fun and games, folks, until someone's raid ID gets stolen.
  • A guy named Vicmackey is the leader of The Strike Team on Bladefist, and while we here at Guildwatch aren't about to call anybody out for being bad at raiding, other people on the server do it for us -- without having finished up Karazhan, apparently Vicmackey thinks his guild can farm badges, buy T6-level badge gear, and then head straight to Black Temple. This forum thread wraps up all the Vicmackey drama, though we're not sure we completely get it -- the guy's got a plan, why not let him carry it out? It's not like he's angry at people for leaving him when he can't get progression rolling, right? Oh, wait.
  • Order of Sanctus on Earthen Ring-A had an officer, Alizabetra, skip out for another guild named Kaine's Mutiny. Which isn't so bad -- unless she stole most of the guild's gems before leaving, claiming that she was just using up her DKP. The raidleader approved it, except that he was her husband, not exactly unbaised. The raidleader also supposed gave away their Tempest Keep raid ID without consulting anyone else about it -- the guild's already in T6, but still, you don't give away raid IDs without making sure everyone is in on the plan.
  • It's bad when the application threads fall apart. Don't get us wrong -- definitely hilarious. But oh so bad.
  • Original from EU Shadowsong killed Felmyst for the first time after months of recruiting people and gearing them up, tying them up for server first in progression on Alliance side. Grats, guys, nice work.
  • Lost Legacy of Argent Dawn has down two new bosses in The Eye, Void Reaver and Solarian. Shout out to raid leader Marissafire, they say, for working so hard to put this group together.
  • Dawn of Serenity on Dunemaul-A has killed Illidan for a guild first. Grats!
  • Delirium of Kirin Tor has downed Brutallus for a server first, which we're told puts them ahead of Relentless Dawn, another guild they've been competing with. Way to go, guys, but RD, don't let it get you down -- there's still more server kills left to get. Felmyst is on notice for Delirium.
  • Stargazer Clan on Elune took down Anetheron for another guild first. And Azglaor better watch his back -- he's next.
  • Dark Haven on Baelgun downed Illidian last week as well. Grats!
  • Vacuus Reformo on Shadow Council-A took out Anetheron, and Kaz'rogal sits at 18%. Ameliorata wants everyone to know how proud she is of the guild and their dedication, and even though they want to put three whole bosses on notice, they only get one: we're giving them Kaz'rogal. Go get 'em.
  • Absolution on Suramar-A has been rockin' it: Shade of Akama, Azgalor, and Lady Vashj have all bitten the dust. Archie is on notice for next time, and they're also recruiting a Shadow Priest and Warlock, who should be geared and ready for BT/Hyjal.
  • Adults Only of EU Nordrassil downed Leotheras the Blind for the first time achieving 5/6 SSC. Al'ar is on notice for TK, as they're heading for 3/4 there as well.
  • Atonement on Uther has downed Archimonde and Bloodboil in the past two weeks. Very nice. They're also currently recruiting healers of all classes.
  • The Spreading Taint of Proudmoore, WoW's largest guild for the LGBT and friends community, has downed Illidan, to be 5/5 and 9/9 in BT and MH. Farming that content is up next, but Sunwell is on the horizon. Grats!
  • After a few weeks of slow progression and recently losing both their main tank and the top paladin tank, Progression of Shadowsong-H downed Rage Winterchill for their first T6 gear! Grats! Vashj remains on notice.
  • Holy Warriors on EU Proudmoore have been pretty darn lucky on Illy D drops -- after four kills total, they've picked up two mainhands and one offhand glaive. Very nice, and grats to both the guild and the lucky set owner.
  • alea iacta est on Earthen Ring, the folks who are part of the official guild of the WoW podcast that isn't ours (if you know what I mean) had their Drunk With Power raid group down Gruul. They're headed to 25 man raiding now -- the guild is huge, and has two 25 man groups, eight groups in 10-mans, and two groups still running old Azeroth content.
  • LFM KJ on EU Draenor (who we've mentioned in our Drama section before for allegedly trying to ninja raid members) says they've killed up to and including the Eredar Twins, and next up is gearing for M'uru. Good luck.
  • Aetherstorm on Silver Hand, suffering from a summer slowdown, turned to Leftovers to fill in their ranks after over a month off from raiding. And it worked: they walked into SSC and proceeded to kill Lady Vashj. Kael is next.
  • Hordecore on Echo Isles is 4/5 and 1/9 -- they put Vashj on notice a while ago, and after some name calling, they're about to get serious with her. Naga's going down.
  • Reborn on Frostmane were some core throwing mainiacs last week when they downed Lady Vashj. Nice job.
  • The Empire of Lost Souls on Kilrogg-H scored two new boss kills in one night, taking down Supremus on the third attempt of the evening and then downing the Shade of Akama on just their second attempt ever. The guild is setting its sights on Teron Gorefiend next.
  • Modus Operandi continues rolling on: this time, they took out Kalecgos. Next up, everyone's favorite pit lord, Brutallus.
  • The Totally Rad Guild of Executus continued on its rampage of Tier 5 and downed Leo the Blind and High Astromancer Solarian this week! They are now 3/6 SSC and 2/4 TK. They too would like to put three bosses on notice, but (how many times do we have to say this?) you only get one. Fathom Lord for you guys.
  • Dire Beef on Dark Iron continues cooking in style: they one shot Lady Vashj then headed over to Black Temple for dessert where they dined with High Warlord Naj'entus for a guild first downing. The fact that it was a flawless victory (no deaths) provided a delicious glaze on top of the pastry.
  • Acid Burn on Medivh continues their run of progression: Naj, Anetheron, Supremus and Kaz'rogal all have dropped. Shade of Akama also got dropped -- Gorefiend is next.
  • Nighthaven of Echo Isles cleared Gruul's lair. Grats! Magtheridon is on notice.
  • Totally Raids, Inc. took down that poncey git Kael'Thas, finishing up T5 content once and for all. What's on the horizon for this non-guilded raid of roleplayers on Feathermoon? Being already 4/5 and 3/9, it looks like Teron Gorefiend is on notice next.
  • Risen of Proudmoore finally dropped M'uru after ~200 attempts (!), and on a two-day-a-week raiding schedule, to boot. Grats!
  • Carpe Noctem on Aerie Peak-H is now 2/4 in TK, having slapped around Al'ar and VR, and put Solarian is on notice. They also got to the 3rd chest in ZA with some time, but not enough , sadly for a bear. They even dropped Hex Lord and Zul'jin on what was supposed to be a learning run. Grats!
  • Confused and Irrational (Steamwheedle Cartel-H, and winner of this week's Best Guild Name award) just did their first Karazhan run last night with 5 newbies who had never been before. They one-shotted Attumen and Moroes, and Maiden's on notice for next time. They're also recruiting an offtank, a healer, and more DPS -- a Mage could really help.
  • The Departed of Kul Tiras rocked another server first on Sunwell, Felmyst. The Ledge Boss is next, and we have no idea what they mean by that.
  • We Have Jobs on Illidan has finally downed Archimonde. Nice job. They're also planning to revive World PvP on the server -- Horde, keep an eye out for them running World PvP at Halaa and in the Bone Wastes. Response has been positive so far. They're also seeking Resto and Elemental Shammies.
  • Osiris on the Tanaris server went in for RoS practice for the first time and downed it after 7 attempts, then immediately went after Mother Sharaz and one-shotted her in the same night. It was the first time ever encountering either boss for the guild. Nice job!
  • Vital on Dark Iron-H is looking for more members to push Sunwell content. They went from downing Lurker to farming Illidan in about two months and raid Sunday-Thursday 5pm-9pm server time. Attendance and dedication is the most important quality they look for in a recruit, so bring both if you're interested.
  • Killerz of Cho'gall is recruiting people for heavy PvP play and beginning to raid Kara. They're a relaxed guild that's very experienced at playing PvP -- join up if you're a grown up who's looking to have a good time.
  • Phase Two on Staghelm used to be Fearless on Staghelm -- they just rerolled Horde, and recently rocked Kara. They are seeking some experienced players to fill out the ranks for 25-mans, and then plan to tackle the expansion with a vengeance. Look them up if you've done the endgame before and want to give it another serious run.
  • Grannys Hoarded Cookies, one of the oldest casual guilds on Quel'dorei is back in action after a short summer hiatus. They're looking to regrow their ranks with any adult-aged casual minded players looking for a friendly atmosphere to level (alts or mains), chat, run groups, and so on while they all gear up, level up, and wait for Wrath of the Lich King. All classes and levels are welcome, but please be mature and friendly.
  • Are you wanting to go to SSC or TK, but don't want to be required to raid every night of the week? Are you burned out of being in a "hardcore" guild, but still want to tackle 25-man raids? Then Devotion may be for you! Devotion on Bronzebeard-A is a casual raiding guild that is currently seeking new members in order to tackle Tier 5 content. They are in need of mainly healers, but all classes are welcome to apply.
  • Nocturnal on Nordrassil-H rocked Vashj with a one-shot the other night. They raid Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday, and are looking for some folks to pick up their numbers: 2 Resto Shamans and Holy Pallies, a Resto Druid, Shadow Priest, Warlock, and Balance Druid.
  • Heroes of Old, an Alliance guild on Stormreaver is currently recruiting healers of any class. They are a quick progressing guild 5/6 SSC and 1/4 TK.
  • Requiem, a raiding Horde guild on Silvermoon, is looking for a competent Mage and Resto Shaman. The guild is currently 5/5 MH, 9/9 BT, with Kalecgos on notice.
That's it for GW this week. Until next week, as always, happy raiding!

That not enough guild news for you? There's lots more Guildwatch in the archives, including the strange case of Rob Parkins, and the Robin Hood of Gurubashi. Wherever people /gquit or are /gkicked, that's where you'll find GW!
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