Intel Nehalem processor gets "turbo mode," blinking red lights

Well, one of the two at least. As Extreme Tech reports, Intel let out word of the hereto unheard of "turbo mode" for its NehalemCore i7 processors at its big Intel Developer Forum this week, with it describing it as an "entirely new process technology for power." More specifically, the mode, or so-called "power gate," turns off cores that would otherwise be left idle when they're not in use, and reroutes the power budget that normally would be applied to those cores to the active cores, which promises to further boost their performance without wasting power. According to Intel, that'll be a standard feature across the entire Nehalem family, including the first mobile versions of the processor that'll be at the center of the Calpella platform, which is on track for a launch sometime next year.

[Via PC Magazine]