MSI Wind barebones desktop now available to order

This one looks to have actually slipped into availability a few days ago but, for those that don't make visits to part of their daily routine, you may be interested to know that the barebones version of MSI's Wind desktop PC is now available to order for the low, low price of $139.99. That'll get you the ever-present 1.6GHz Atom processor, along with Intel GMA 950 integrated graphics, 8-channel audio, a generous six USB ports, a 4-in-1 media card reader, a CF card slot, and VGA output, but no hard drive, RAM, or optical drive. Unlike the forthcoming full-fledged Wind desktop, this one also looks to only be available in basic black, but it does at least come with a stand that'll let you use it upright.

[Via Computer Monger]