iPhone 3G rolling worldwide, Russia coming soon

Robert Palmer
R. Palmer|08.21.08

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iPhone 3G rolling worldwide, Russia coming soon

Thanks to the magic of time zones, the iPhone 3G is already on its worldwide march across 21 countries.

Tipster Lawrz let us know that the handset is on sale in the Philippines from Globe Telecom, after a sold-out party that started at 10 p.m. local time counting down to midnight August 22. It's already Friday in India, and midnight is just now crossing Europe, as of this writing.

Also, tipster Efthymios tells us that Vodafone Hellas is distributing unlocked iPhone 3Gs, as is the law there. 8GB models are €499 and 16GB models are €569. Contracts plans for the handsets have not been announced, but should be available in the next few hours. (Update: and here they are.) However, Efthymios notes that Greek character input is not yet available for the iPhone, with many people having to resort using "Greeklish" instead: Greek words typed with English characters.

Reuters notes today that Russia will also be getting the iPhone 3G in October. Apple struck a deal with the country's largest mobile provider, MTS, which has nearly 84 million subscribers.

Thanks, Lawrz and Efthymios!

[MTS details via Macworld]

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