Viliv debuts S5 MID, S7 UMPC

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Donald Melanson
August 21st, 2008
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Viliv debuts S5 MID, S7 UMPC

It's been quite a while since Viliv last popped up on our radar, but the company has just rolled into IDF with a pair of new devices to rectify that situation, including the S5 MID and S7 UMPC. From the looks of it, the S7 (pictured above) is the more interesting of the two, with it sporting a convertible form factor, the usual Atom processor, built-in GPS, and an integrated Wimax or HSDPA module. Pricing doesn't look to have been nailed down just yet, but the company is apparently looking to launch it in the first quarter of 2009. The S5 (after the break), on the other hand, looks to be a fairly run of the mill MID, although UMPC Portal says that a 3G option is "possible," and its promised video playback time of five to six hours is certainly respectable enough. No word on a price or release date for it either, but you can check out some more pics and videos of each device by digging into the links below.

P.S. We should note that the S7 is still in the "final design stages." We hear that last "P" is always the toughest.

Read - UMPC Portal, "Viliv S5 MID"
Read - UMPC Portal, "Viliv S7 Atom-based UMPC"

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