Sunday Morning Funnies: Just a few Centaur feet

Amanda Miller
A. Miller|08.24.08

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Sunday Morning Funnies: Just a few Centaur feet
Another Sunday is passing, and with it, summer break. Soon, raids will pick back up, we'll see a return to relatively child-free hours on the servers, and the weather will start to cool off. Here are this week's funnies, to help you stay in a summery spirit.


Humor with a continuing plotline
  • This week, the characters of LFG attempt to pass through Customs.
  • On the Road to BlizzCon this week, the furry pair makes their way to Silvermoon City, with Sin'dorei Scheming, part 1.
  • Teh Gladiators is at a crossroads. Just not "the" Crossroads.
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