Bambi terrorizes Northrend

Michael Gray
M. Gray|08.26.08

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Bambi terrorizes Northrend

This post contains spoilers about Wrath of the Lich King. Before the cut, the spoilers will be mild. After the cut, the spoilers will be complete, and more powerful than you could possibly imagine. (Well, more than you could imagine if you don't check out behind the cut.)

One of Blizzard's hallmarks in the World of Warcraft has long been the subtle digs and nods to pop culture. These Easter Eggs can bring a lot of fun, though I know some folks feel the little references ruin their immersion. I kind of like them, and still giggle this day about the idea of purchasing Gigantique bags from Haris Pilton while avoiding her spectral friend. This new one, lurking mildly in Northrend, made me giggle a bit in delight, though. One might even say, I muttered a faint "Squee!"

Go behind the cut and see the latest easter egg in Wrath ... if you dare!

Tipster John pointed this out to us, and the subject demanded instant and thorough research. Yes, ladies and gentleman: Bambi's making an appearance in Northrend.

If you don't know the story, Bambi's a little deer whose Mom is killed by a hunter. This single act of tragedy is probably responsible for many a lad's first movie-spawned tear (at least, among my generation). Bambi goes off to brave life on his own, and befriends Flower the Skunk and Thumper the Bunny. Both seem to have made the transition to Azeroth with him. Obviously, that's the Mother of Bambina alive and well, lurking in the Grizzly Hills!

Let's be honest. Gamers are what gamers are, and there's an inevitable act that's going to happen here. There's going to be some Blood Elf or Death Knight, eager to prove he's bad to the bone, and he's going to slaughter this happy family. So, what happens when you kill Bambina's friends?

That's right. He turns into Vengeful Bambina. It's unclear what Vengeful Bambina's final stats will be like, but there's no doubt -- the little deer's going to go bad on you. He might even have a Stage Two fight where he picks up Season 4 gear, and goes by Brutal Bambina.

Could Vengeful Bambina prove to be the first outdoor raid boss in Wrath? While he probably won't be a 18-hour fight, it would be interesting if Vengeful Bambina was a phased-technology fight. That way, while you struggle with great heroism against the revenge-crazed monster, your friends would be unable to help you. Maybe he's studied under Prince Mal, and will spawn Infernals to rain down on your cruel, cruel head.

A guy can dream. I just want to see Bambi get even on the hunter. And, no. We don't know his loot table yet. %Gallery-18980%

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