News from the Wider MMO World: August 26, 2008

Akela Talamasca
A. Talamasca|08.26.08

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News from the Wider MMO World: August 26, 2008

The MMO genre is more than World of Warcraft, Age of Conan, and Warhammer Online. Here's what's going on in the rest of the world.

Mabinogi welcomes Generation 3
The MMO that bills itself as "your fantasy life" has gotten its next upgrade with Generation 3. Now Mabinogi players will have the ability to marry each other, complete with license and wedding attire for both genders. An overarching quest will require warriors to recover dungeon seals to prevent the Fomor from entering the world. And finally, the pet system gets an overhaul, with new interactions, behaviors, and controls. The removal of the combat cap, increased UI options, and new items all await players in Generation 3.

Neocron 2 developer declares insolvency
10Tacle Studios AG, parent company of Reakktor Media GmbH, developers of Neocron 2, declared insolvency on August 6th. They are awaiting an insolvency administrator to determine what will happen with the game servers. In a later update to the original forum post, Kirk Lenke, CEO of Reakktor Media announced that the insolvency will not affect business operation of Neocron 2, and that they are still in development for upcoming title Black Prophecy.
New married couples in Fiesta to win real-life toasters
Outspark, publishers of Secrets of the Solstice and other titles, has announced an interesting new incentive to get married in Fiesta. For the next five weeks, married couples will be automatically entered in a random drawing to receive a real-life toaster signed by the Outspark staff. Additionally, four separate toasters will go to four couples who participated in last week's Wedding Costume presale. Those interested in getting married can check out the Wedding Guide, because, c'mon ... toaster!

Dreamlords the Reawakening's two-week Week of the Warrior
Starting today, Dreamlords: the Reawakening will be holding its Week of the Warrior PvP event, but this time around it will be run for a full two weeks. The winners will be chosen from the Battle rating ladder at the end of the event on September 9th. The grand prize winner will receive a full Dreamlord set, while the runners-up will receive one Dreamlord weapon each; ten random ladder contestants will receive a Dreamlord weapon each. For more details, visit the Dreamlords site.

RuneScape gets second Guinness world record
For the second time in its life, Jagex's Java-based MMO RuneScape has garnered a Guinness World Record, and for the same reason: it's been named the most popular free online game, with over 135 million accounts at present. The announcement was made at the Leipzig Games Convention, which received an accolade of its own, featuring its highest ever attendance this year. RuneScape is also hard at work on its upcoming RuneScape HD graphical update.

Requiem: Bloodymare announces new race in upcoming update
The world of Ethergia will receive new help in its quest to rid itself of evil. Thursday will see the release of Update 3.0 to Requiem: Bloodymare, the mature horror MMO from Gravity Interactive. Not much is known about the Xenoa, the new playable race, but that they will bring new classes and unique armor sets and weapons. Additionally, the PvP system will be getting updated to allow players to get involved more quickly, and new items will be on hand as well. The Update will become available after an extended maintenance session.

Jumpgate Evolution reveals new Sector information
If depth of detail is what you admire in an MMO, you'll be pleased to read the latest information coming from Jumpgate Evolution. The Bleakstone Sector is an area contested by The Inferno and designated a hostile area. The post on Jumpgate's site is rich with rewarding lore, and those of you hungry for content will find a lot to whet your appetite for the title's eventual release, which at this time is still undetermined. Will this be the space MMO that wrests mindshare away from EVE Online?

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