Netlogic BDP810 Blu-ray player details peek out

Steven Kim
S. Kim|08.27.08

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Netlogic BDP810 Blu-ray player details peek out
Netlogic BDP810
News about a new Blu-ray player from Swedish firm Netlogic has crept out of the shadow of the IFA show, so let's see what this new BDP810 model is bringing to the party. Our Swedish isn't so good, but luckily what few details are to be had are spelled out on the shec sheet in English. Pretty standard Blu-ray player stuff here with the addition of Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD MA support, though we're not sure if that means decoding is onboard or if the bits must be sent out of the player. Also, no mention is made of ethernet connectivity, so we're going to file the BDP810 as a Profile 1.1 unit for now. But the one spec we'd really like to see is sadly missing -- price. With an October launch, there's plenty of time to sort this all out, but we're hoping for the entry-level end of the Blu-ray player market to open up.

Read - Netlogic IFA page
Read - Netlogic BDP810 spec sheet [jpeg link]
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