Video: Sony's 200Hz MotionFlow Bravia Z4500 tricks kids into sitting even closer to the TV

The wraps are off and we've had a chance to get eyes on with Sony's new Bravia Z4500 1080p LCD. While Japan unveiled the world's first MotionFlow 240Hz set, this is similar, just 40 frames per second slower. That didn't stop Sony from making the claim that the Z4500, "provides the smoothest and crispest motion reproduction to be achieved by an LCD TV." Of course, both are multiples of the industry standard 50/60Hz. Sony's being coy with the measurements and the price of this set, but with the show model listed as KDL-52Z4500, we're guessing 52, kid-captivating inches of silky smooth video that looks so good, you may never have to parent again. "Look into the spiral Jimmy, good critter."

We've got a comparison video after the break: 200Hz Motionflow on the left, your father's 50Hz on the right. We could definitely see the difference in the uh, highly controlled demo. Question is: can you when this thing shows up at the local big box before Xmas.