Epson rolls out all-in-one EH-DM2 projector

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Donald Melanson
August 29, 2008 6:57 PM
Epson rolls out all-in-one EH-DM2 projector

While we can't say we've ever felt the need for a projector with a built-in DVD player and a built-in "surround sound" system, Epson seems to think there's at least some folks that want a big box of compromises, and it's hoping its new EH-DM2 projector will be to their liking. This one's a 3LCD projector, and boasts an "HD compatible" resolution and an adequate 1,200 lumens of brightness, along with a few non-standard features like a USB port to let you view photos, DiVX compatibility from the built-in DVD player and, of course, those built-in 8W speakers that somehow promise to surround you with sound. Not exactly for everyone, to be sure, but the €600 price tag (or just under $900) is certainly reasonable enough, and it'll apparently be available as soon as next month.

[Via About Projectors]
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