Samsung YP-Q1 and YP-U4 get an infuriating hands-on

In a stunning attempt at making us afraid to pick up another Samsung DAP ever again, Samsung's set-up for its new YP-Q1 and YP-U4 players was in the ass end of the huge Samsung hall at IFA, with lights enough to cook a chicken and some technical errors to boot. For starters, the Q1 (pictured) is just a pain to use, with capacitive touch controls that only work through tapping in the four directions (or center for select), instead of a more natural scrolling motion. The screen is nothing special, and the interface seems a step back from Samsung's other full-featured DAPs. If we were to say anything positive, the Q1 does feel nice and solid in the hand, but it's nowhere near as thin or sexy as it could / should be. The U4 we tested wasn't charged, and had rather infuriating surface and side controls that made us a little happy it wasn't. It's nowhere near as sexy in person as it was in those press shots, and could really do to lose a few millimeters here and there. Wake us when you're ready to start trying, Sammy.