Philips LCDs better than Kuro least according to Philips

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Richard Lawler
September 1, 2008 4:15 PM
Philips LCDs better than Kuro least according to Philips

Philips marketing exec Danny Tack is pulling no punches at IFA, proclaiming the company's new LCDs are better than the vaunted Pioneer Kuro plasmas. Measuring -- by his own estimation -- on par with the 9th-gen Pioneer plasmas on black levels, and better brightness, natural motion and motion sharpness, he's ready to call LED-backlit LCDs and OLED HDTVs the long term winners, with plasma relegated to only the biggest screens. The read link points to his comments in full, but most importantly, do you have a side, or are you waiting to get eyes-on the new Essence and FlatTV models first?
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