Fingercams / brain scanners to make mice and multitouch displays seem archaic

Oh sure, we've known that mice were going the way of the Dodo for eons now, but a nice compilation over at Wired details just how close we are to relying on brain scanners and fingercams (among other unorthodox input methods) to do everything from play games to flip through photo albums. For instance, at Drexel University's RePlay Lab, students are currently "trying to measure the level of neurotransmitters in a subject's brain to create games where mere thought controls gameplay." Another example of how fingers are better used away from the left / right click is FingerSight, a technology that would enable cursor inputs to be, um, inputted by simply waving one's hand around. Unfortunately, the reality of all of this fantastic research is that we're still years away from pushing the fabled keyboard / mouse combo aside, but you aren't apt to find any FPS fanatics kvetching about that.