Logitech's Illuminated Keyboard: its thinnest keyboard ever

Logitech just announced a trio of keyboards this morning starting with its thinnest keyboard ever, the 9.3-mm thin Illuminated Keyboard ($80 / October) pictured above. It features an adjustable backlight, soft-touch palm rest and dedicated multi-media keys for hot, one-handed night typing alone in the dark. Also announced is the portable, 2.4GHz wireless DiNovo Keyboard for Notebooks ($100 / October) with an unbelievable 3-year battery life followup by the Cordless Desktop S520 ($60 / September) keyboard and optical mouse combination. The latter features more of that same impressive power management capable of eking out 8 months of usage for the mouse and 15-months for the keyboard. Pictures of the other two just as soon as Logitech delivers 'em.