New Smashing Pumpkins single to debut in Guitar Hero: World Tour

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Actiblizzion has announced that '90s fixture the Smashing Pumpkins have recorded a new song, "G.L.O.W." specifically for release as a Guitar Hero: World Tour download, marking the first time a new song has debuted in a music game under those specific circumstances. The track, which will be included on an album later, will be released as part of a three-song DLC pack, along with "1979" and "The Everlasting Gaze." The first in-concert performance of the new song is above, thanks to some dude who took a camera to a Pumpkins show!

The deal isn't just for DLC, however: Billy Corgan will appear in-game -- and as a playable character in career mode, even -- and the wonderful "Today" will be included on the disc. We hope it introduces the Pumpkins to some of the youngsters who may be surprised to learn that a long time ago, guitars had strings on them and could be used to play any song.

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