WSJ: Dell Mini Inspiron 910 netbook launching Thursday

It's already confirmed for this week. Now The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the Dell Inspiron 910 Mini netbook will be announced on Thursday the 4th courtesy of an eMail received from, an online photo and document storage service already seen bundled with Creative's Vado Pocket Video Cam. Apparently, services will "come pre-installed on the Dell Mini." A Dell spokeswoman confirmed that Dell is working with for online storage. A person familiar with the matter says that the Mini will likely sell for less than $400, run your choice of Windows or Linux (Ubuntu, is our guess), and sport a display slightly less than 9-inches. You know, all this service talk has us wondering if this will also be Dell's first laptop with its Zing-based audio and video services bundle. Fortunately, we'll know tomorrow.

P.S. That image above is from these earlier leaks and matches the keyboard configuration in Dell's own support documents. In other words, it's what we expect to see tomorrow.

Update: Heh, so much for that image above. Dell has updated the support docs again. See the new keyboard after the break.