JBL On Air WEM-1 module makes any speaker wireless, for a price

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It's not exactly the first to turn any old speakers into wireless ones, but any attempt to cut down on wire clutter is alright in our book, and JBL is now doing its part with its new On Air WEM-1 wireless expansion module. As you can see above, this one consists of a transmitter module that connects to the audio source of your choice, and a receiver / amplifier that connects to a pair of speakers (it's apparently "tailored for use with select JBL loudspeakers," though it seems you can connect anything you like). That combo will give you a range of 70 feet and, supposedly, no loss in sound quality, although you will have to make do with the 50 watts per channel the amplifier pumps out. There's also the small matter of the $360 price tag, but we're sure there's at least a few folks out there willing to accept those trade-offs for a bit of added convenience, and for the principle of the thing.
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