Microsoft planning new Zunes and webcams on September 9th?

So we know that Microsoft is gearing up to launch those new "Blue Track" mice on September 9th, but Ars Technica says that there's a good chance we'll be getting new webcams and -- surprise! -- Zunes as well. Sadly, the new mice might still be the most exciting things on the ticket -- the LifeCam VX-5500 and LifeCam Show NX-8000 are pretty much just webcams, and we're not expecting anything Zune hardware-related beyond bumps to 120GB and 16GB and perhaps that blue flash number. Still, there's a chance we could be surprised by those rumored new software and service announcements, but Microsoft's going to have to reach deep into the wow box to steal attention from a certain black-turtlenecked raconteur who'll be taking the stage in Cupertino to announce some minor new PMPs that day as well. Let the games begin!