120GB Zune priced at $249, blue flash Zune in the works?

It's no secret that a 120GB Zune is on the way, and thanks to B&H Photo, it looks like we also know how much it'll cost: $249. That's right in the range (and more bang for the buck than a certain fruit company's large-capacity player), so we can't say we're too surprised -- but what's this listed right under it? A blue flash Zune for $149? Indeed it is -- and with the most mythical of Zune colors about to make its debut along with those rumored media and software / social services updates, we're guessing the Zune Guy is rethinking that whole "f***ing bulls**t" assessment. Then again, probably not.

Update: More intrigue. Zunerama just posted this shot of a Wal-Mart stock system showing the 80GB and 4GB Zunes as discontinued. Yeah, something's up -- hopefully we'll find out soon.

[Via Zunerama]