Insider Trader: Popular enchants and where to get them

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If you've ever spent any time sitting in trade chat, you could probably make a list of some of the most popular enchants. Requested frequently, any enchanter possessing the the knowledge to imbue a weapon or piece of armor with the proper stats stands to make a fair amount of gold.

For example, a healer seeking Major Healing, or a meleer seeking Mongoose, will know the materials, and gather them. Each time they replace their respective weapons, back into trade they will go to request the enchant.

Today, Insider Trader presents a list of some of the most requested enchants with information about how to obtain them so that you can offer them to friends, guildmates, and your server.

It is by no means a complete list, but it will get you off to a shining start and provide you with quite a to-do list. Check out the comments section for helpful details as well.

Drop rate data was gathered from the Armory, and Blizzard uses ranges such as Very Low (1-2%). This is narrowed down with data from Wowhead where appropriate, but keep in mind that some bind on pick-up recipes can only be seen by enchanters, and Wowhead cannot filter out that data, making their estimate much lower than the actual drop rate.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be working on the faction recipes series, focusing on enchanting, so stay tuned.

If you'd like to be able to offer [Enchant Weapon - Mongoose] to the masses, you'll have to start farming Karazhan. This drops from Moroes, at a rate between 3 and 14%. It is of course, bind on pick-up.

While the drop rate doesn't sound too bad, keep in mind that you can really only kill Moroes once per week, and that is if you are geared and can land a solid, standing raid spot with a guild that has Karazhan on farm, and does indeed clear it each week.

Check out our Gearing For Kara Guides if you're still gearing up your character.

While acquiring [Enchant Boots - Dexterity] does not require that you be a raider, it is actually quite a rare drop. This drops from Raging Skeletons (trash) in Auchenai Crypts at about 1-2% of the time, on normal or heroic. They range from 66 elites to 71 elites, depending on the mode.

2H Major Agility
[Enchant 2H Weapon - Major Agility] is a great druid enchant, considering Mongoose currently doesn't work while in form. Whether you are on heroic or normal mode, you might see this drop from Eredar Deathbringer in Arcatraz, somewhere between 3 and 14%. As with many items, the drop rate is much higher in heroic mode.

[Enchant 2H Weapon - Savagery] is another alternative to Mongoose. Hunters, for example, are likely to request either Savagery or Major Agility, simply because those stats boost their ranged DPS, while Mongoose is geared towards a melee fighter.

Savagery drops from a Shattered Hand Centurion (trash) in Shattered Halls. The drop rate on normal is from 1-2%, while the drop rate on heroic mode is closer to 5%.

Weapon, Major Spellpower
Because this adds up to 40 spell damage and healing to a caster's weapon, it's a popular request. [Formula: Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower] drops from the Bash'ir Spell-Thieves in Blade's Edge Mountains.

You'll require a flying mount to reach Bash'ir Landing, in the northwestern area of Blade's Edge. The drop rate is a low 1-2%, but there are several quests in the area that you can pick up to complete while you're at it.

Chest, Major Resilience
This PvP enchant is a world drop, unfortunately. This means that you have no way of targeting a mob in order to farm for it. The best advice I can give you is to look for [Formula: Enchant Chest - Major Resilience] in auction.

[Enchant Weapon - Crusader] is a popular request by player before they hit level 60. Because it gives a white, cloudy glow, can heal the bearer, and increases strength from time to time, it's a pretty handy enchant.

This one, like Major Resilience, is not bind on pick-up. The drop rate is around 1-2% from Scarlet Spellbinders and Scarlet Archmages in the Western and Eastern Plaguelands, respectively. The Archmages are elites.

[Enchant Weapon - Icy Chill] is another favorite among melee Azerothians. It drops from Anguished Highborne on the frozen lake in Winterspring. The Armory claims the drop rate at 3-14%, although I have farmed it five separate times and gotten it within minutes, to about a half hour.

You can also find this enchant on the auction house, just like Crusader and Fiery. The glow is bright white.

While fiery might just be the most popular of the glow enchants, it definitely has the worst name. [Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon] drops from everyone's favorite dungeon, Blackrock Depths. If you manage not to get lost, it drops from Pyromancer Loregrain, from 15-24% according to the armory. Wowhead estimates it at about 16%.

The glow is a bright orange color, and looks especially nifty when dual wielded.

[Formula: Enchant Weapon - Executioner] drops in the raid instance, Zul'Aman. To gear for this raid, you'll probably need at least every upgrade from Karazhan plus appropriate gems and enchants, and badge loot where necessary.

It can drop from any of the bosses, at around 3% of the time. Among the users, many warrior tanks pick up this enchant.

Weapon, Major Healing
[Enchant Weapon - Major Healing] is one of the best healing enchants in the game. It's also a guaranteed farm, because it actually comes from a faction vendor.

Becoming revered with the Sha'tar will require a flying mount, or a warlock buddy with a flying mount who will run the Tempest Keep dungeons over and over with you. Focus on full clears of Botanica, as you will net about 2000 reputation, while only getting about 1800 for Arcatraz and 1620 for Mechanar.

Once honored, grab the heroic key and start running heroic Botanica. Again, it nets the most reputation with a full clear, awarding 3245 reputation. Heroic Mechanar is a bigger waste of time unless you need gear or other drops from it, simply because it brings in about 2100 reputation, which is scarcely more than Botanica on normal.

[Enchant Cloak - Subtlety] is often applied by raiding casters, as there aren't many caster cloak enchants, and because it allows a caster to unload more damage without worrying about pulling aggro as early.

You'll need to be exalted with Thrallmar or Honor Hold for this one. Make sure you complete each and every quest in Hellfire Peninsula, and when you run the dungeons, bring plenty of Thrallmar or Honor Hold Favors.

They allow you to gain more reputation while in the dungeon, and can be purchased by repeatedly doing the quest to take over the towers in Hellfire Peninsula.

Boot enchants are somewhat rare, and here's an example of a commonly sought-after one. [Enchant Boots - Fortitude] awards stamina, which appeals to anyone in a pinch, not to mention the classes, such as tanks and warlocks, that actually stack it.

This drops at 1-2% of the time from Ethereal Priests (trash) in Mana-Tombs.

The concise list of enchant sources
  1. Karazhan (Moroes)
  2. Auchenai Crypts (Raging Skeletons)
  3. Arcatraz (Eredar Deathbringer)
  4. Shattered Halls (Shattered Hand Centurion)
  5. Bash'ir Spell-Thief (Bash'ir Landing, Blade's Edge)
  6. Scarlet Spellbinders (WP) and Scarlet Archmages (EP)
  7. Anguished Highborne (Winterspring)
  8. Pyromancer Loregrain (Blackrock Depths)
  9. Any boss (Zul'Aman)
  10. Revered (Sha'tar)
  11. Exalted (Honor Hold/Thrallmar)
  12. Ethereal Priests (Mana-Tombs)
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