Sony admits it could do a better job marketing the PS3's "value"

Value likely isn't the first word that comes to many folks' mind when they think of the PS3 (especially given other recent console goings on), and Sony is now admitting that's partly its fault. No, it's not saying that the price is too high, but it is fessing up that it could do a better job of marketing the console's value. In an interview with Gamasutra, Julie Han of Sony corporate communications cited the PS3's ability to put PS3 downloadable content onto the PSP in particular as one feature they could do more with on the marketing front, adding that they also "don't talk enough" about Sony's "future-proofing" strategy. Of course, a price cut wouldn't hurt with that value message either but, as you may have suspected, Han would only reiterate that Sony has "no plans to do any price cuts," and that it's sticking with its strategy.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

Update: It looks like Julie Han's remarks have managed to get taken out of context as they made their way across the internets, and she has since informed us that she was simply referring to the PS3's interoperability with the PSP and did not say that Sony needed to do more marketing to share the value of PS3