Painful lessons learned by an EVE newb

James Egan
J. Egan|09.06.08

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Painful lessons learned by an EVE newb

One of the newest sites out there devoted to EVE Online is EVE-Mag, which is now much-improved through its revamped site design. While some of EVE-Mag's articles are written by and for experienced players of the game, they're also covering topics of interest to newer EVE players as well.

Sam Guss (writing as "Malori Veneer") has a column called 'EVE Newb' where he chronicles his experiences, both good and bad, in EVE as he finds his way forward. Although Guss is still new to the game, he's picking up the systems in EVE pretty quickly; at this rate, he probably won't be a newb for long. It's good to see it when people address a few of the core ideas and basic concepts of the game, as EVE can be a bit daunting for some new players. Quite frankly, in EVE most players learn things the hard way. Guss is no different, and says, "The last couple of days have been a harsh reality check for me..."

His latest EVE Newb column expands on what's happened to him, and hopefully imparts a few caveats that will keep others from repeating his mistakes. It's refreshing to see someone actually admit they messed up and put it out there for people to learn from. Still, it has to be said, the mistakes Guss has made are no worse than what others have done when beginning the game. Indeed, some of us have made far worse mistakes.

Check out Sam Guss' lessons learned at EVE-Mag, and see how they stack up against your own experiences in the game. What kinds of things did you mess up on when you began flying in EVE? Or, more embarrassingly, when you weren't so new to the game?
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