Microsoft kicks out Wireless Laser Desktop 6000, Media Desktop 1000

Well, it looks like Microsoft had it's own "one more thing" for today, with the hereto unseen Wireless Laser Desktop 6000 and Wireless Media Desktop 1000 also making their debut in addition to all the other products that somehow managed to leak out beforehand. The 6000 series set (pictured above) includes, as you might have guessed the Wireless Keyboard 6000 and Wireless Laser Mouse 6000 (both also available separately), the former of which boasts all the favorite keys and Media Center controls you'd expect, while the latter packs a snap-in wireless transceiver, four-way scrolling, and five customizable buttons. The Wireless Media Desktop 1000, on the other hand, opts for a considerably less curvy design (check it out after the break), and does away with some of the 6000's more nifty features like an Aero-style translucent border and a battery status indicator. Look for both to start shipping later this month, with the 6000 series set running $100 and the Media Desktop 1000 setting you back just $50.