O2 testing mobile wallet on London's Tube

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Sean Cooper
September 10, 2008 6:35 AM
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O2 testing mobile wallet on London's Tube
Combining an Oyster card, a Barclaycard Visa, and the NFC-enabled Nokia 6131, Transport for London hopes to stream passengers through its tunnels in a quick and orderly fashion. 500 testers have been flitting about the city for six months and nine out of the ten say they've enjoyed the ease of use, convenience and status of such fun tech. The tweaked sets have enabled the testers to use their existing travel cards, top up pre-pay cards, and even buy snacks while on the run. RFID hacks aside, we welcome any and all use of a mobile wallet system -- that Japan has enjoyed for some four years now -- to help ease those arduous and time-consuming treks into our pockets and reduce the always embarrassing display of pocket lint.

[Thanks, Daniel M.]
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