VUDU readying Blu-ray quality rentals

Darren Murph
D. Murph|09.10.08

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While rumors have been flowing hot and heavy about VUDU's possible demise, it seems the company has other plans in mind. We've received word that select beta team members are now being asked to try out new downloads that are intended to rival Blu-ray quality. Dubbed HDX movies, these ultra-high-def flicks are currently being watched by folks willing to wait a number of hours (two to three) for a film to start, but there's no guarantee that we'll ever see this hit the masses. Sure, we totally dig the idea of BD-quality content on-demand, but we could almost scoot down to Blockbuster, rent a bona fide Blu-ray Disc, watch, and return it before a so-called HDX title even begins.

[Thanks, anonymous]
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